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Contributions to Game Theory and Management

ISSN: 2310-2608 (print version)
Editors: Leon A. Petrosyan, Nikolay A. Zenkevich

Contributions to Game Theory and Management contains papers on mathematical game theory and its applications to management and various domains, in particular, finance, mechanism design, environment and economics.

The importance of strategic behavior in the human and social world is increasingly recognized in theory and practice. As a result, game theory has emerged as a fundamental instrument in pure and applied research. The discipline of game theory studies decision making in an interactive environment. It draws on mathematics, statistics, operations research, engineering, biology, economics, political science and other subjects. In canonical form, a game takes place when an individual pursues an objective(s) in a situation in which other individuals concurrently pursue other (possibly conflicting, possibly overlapping) objectives and in the same time the objectives cannot be reached by individual actions of one decision maker. The problem is then to determine each individual’s optimal decision, how these decisions interact to produce equilibria, and the properties of such outcomes. The foundations of game theory were laid more than sixty years ago by von Neumann and Morgenstern (1944).

Theoretical research and applications in games are journal areas, in which ranging from aircraft and missile control to inventory management, market development, natural resources extraction, competition policy, negotiation techniques, macroeconomic and environmental planning, capital accumulation and investment. In all these areas, game theory is perhaps the most sophisticated and fertile paradigm applied mathematics can offer to study and analyze decision making underreal world conditions. The submitted papers may reflect both the maturity and the vitality of modern day game theory and management science in general, and of dynamic games, in particular. The maturity can be seen from the sophistication of the theorems, proofs, methods and numerical algorithms contained in the most of the papers in these contributions. The vitality is manifested by the range of new ideas, new applications, the growing number of young researchers and the expanding world wide coverage of research centers and institutes from whence the contributionsoriginated.


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Contributions to Game Theory and Management.

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