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Computational tools for advancing science

The aim of the Call for Proposals is to facilitate research into, and creation of, novel technologies and tools that will underpin the next-generation of computational science, and emerging scientific problems. We are particularly interested in new tools that advance knowledge discovery, facilitate knowledge sharing, and enable decision support, hypothesis and model generation and testing, visualisation and the ability to automatically, intelligently perform, interpret and draw conclusions from complex experiments.

The tools may leverage advances in computer science and technology such as (but not limited to) data mining, mediation, analysis and visualisation, machine learning and pattern recognition and new paradigms of interaction with computational science tools.

Please visit web site for details.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 16 January 2005.

Innovative technologies with social and cultural value

The goal of each project is to challenge existing assumptions about computing in the social, cultural and creative context, through a defined research project that can advance the state of the art. The output should be a prototype that can demonstrate the concept, application and feasibility of researched principles and ideas.

Projects, which should typically be one year in duration, will be in a close cooperation with the External Research Office (ERO) at MSRC, and ideally other MSRC research groups. It is the intention of the ERO to promote and utilize the project results.

Please visit web site for details.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 30 November 2005.