Topical areas of interest include:

A. Plasma science (experiment and/or theory-computation) of

A.1 Plasma current and magnetic flux generation without central solenoid
A.2 Macroscopic equilibrium and stability
A.3 Microscopic turbulence and energy, particle and momentum transport
A.4 Wave-particle-plasma interactions and sustainment of plasma current
A.5 Boundary interactions and dynamics
A.6 Integrated scenarios for sustained high performance plasmas

B. Plasma diagnostics

C. Engineering and Technology Science

D. Upcoming research plans

E. Designs concepts and issues for next-stage experiments and facilities

F. Concepts for future DEMO and power plants

Please indicate on the abstract the topical area(s) of most relevance to your abstract.
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The meeting will consist of invited and contributed oral presentations, poster session, and a summary session.

It is expected that invited talks, will be 30 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion and session talks will be ~20 minutes with ~3 minutes for discussion. Poster sessions shall be used for longer discussions. An overhead projector for transparencies and an electronic projector with a computer capable of reading CD's and memory sticks will be available (Power Point or pdf recommended).

The official language of the meeting is English (no interpretation will be provided). It is expected that the meeting will start at 09:00 on 3 October 2005 and end by 16:00 on 6 October 2005. A short summary of the meeting, including recommendations, will be presented and approved during the Summary session (last session).

The abstracts will be selected and classified by the International Program Committee into oral and poster presentations.

A number of high quality papers will be selected by the International Advisory and Programme Committees for submission to NF to appear in a special publication.


Poster session will be organized on the 6th of October. The space will be provided to put your poster or a copy of your oral presentation (in the second case, please bring a hard copy of your presentation). The aim of the Poster session is have more time to discuss presented results and to ask questions as the Programme is very tight and the number of questions after talks will be restricted.


3 October4 October5 October6 October


Opening Plenary 2 – Plasma Science
Session 2 – Plasma Formation in Spherical Tokamaks
Plenary 4 – Engineering and Technology Science Poster session

Plenary 1 – Overview of Recent Results and Upcoming Research Plans on Spherical Tokamaks Plenary 2 – Plasma Science
Session 3 – Experiment and/or Theory Computation
Plenary 5 – Design Concepts and Issues for New Experiments and Facilities Poster session


Plenary 2 – Plasma Science
Session 1 – Plasma Formation in Spherical Tokamaks
Plenary 3 – Plasma Diagnostics Excursion to SPbSU Gutta Tokamak Summary session

Reception Conference dinner Closing
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Here you can download full version of the programme:
Programme.pdf [34 kB] Portable Document Format DOWNLOAD [34 kB]
Here you can download full programme of the poster session:
Programme_poster.pdf [162 kB] Portable Document Format DOWNLOAD [162 kB]
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