Electronic versions of papers will be collected at the meeting. A manuscript up to 7 pages for Invited and 5 pages for Contributed Talks shall be prepared for inclusion on the meeting CD-ROM published by IAEA (it will be available on the web). Authors should submit the electronic version in advance or at the registration desk on the first day of the meeting (3 Oct. 2005).

Instructions can be downloaded here. Those authors preparing the manuscript using TeX tools may submit in .pdf format following the manuscript instructions.


Authors are encouraged to send modified versions of their manuscripts (may be longer in length) for submission to NF. Depending on number of submitted papers, they will be clustered under a special topic or under a special issue and will include the meeting summary.

Instructions are available at

When sending your papers for submission please indicate that these are submissions concerning the 3rd IAEA TM on Spherical Tori.
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