From this page you can download .PDF or .PPT versions of presentations done at the Meeting:

Please pay your attention to size of the files!
Opening_Malaquias.pdf [387 kB] A. Malaquias IAEA TM and IWS on ST Welcome DOWNLOAD [387 kB]
Azizov.pdf [1306 kB] E. Azizov Configuration of A=2 based tokamak for testing of reactor technologies (TRT) DOWNLOAD [1306 kB]
Bell.pdf [6222 kB] M. Bell New Capabilities and Results for the National Spherical Torus Experiment DOWNLOAD [6222 kB]
Dokuka.pdf [483 kB] V. Dokuka Operational Scenario of KTM DOWNLOAD [483 kB]
Dokuka_add.pdf [1615 kB] V. Dokuka Movie for KTM Scenario: KTM Plasma Equilibrium DOWNLOAD [1615 kB]
Garstka.pdf [14063 kB] G. Garstka Status and Plans of the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment DOWNLOAD [14063 kB]
Gryaznevich.pdf [3000 kB] M. Gryaznevich Plasma Formation in Spherical Tokamaks DOWNLOAD [3000 kB]
He.pdf [922 kB] Y. He Preliminary experiment of plasma current startup by ECR wave on SUNIST spherical tokamak DOWNLOAD [922 kB]
Khayrutdinov.pdf [351 kB] R. Khayrutdinov Discharge initiation and plasma column formation in aspect ratio A=2 tokamak DOWNLOAD [351 kB]
Levin.pdf [266 kB] R. Levin Reconstruction of plasma shape and plasma energy in Spherical Tokamak Globus-M DOWNLOAD [266 kB]
Ludwig.pdf [512 kB] G. Ludwig Determination of eddy currents in the vacuum vessel of spherical tokamaks DOWNLOAD [512 kB]
Maekawa.pdf [3255 kB] T. Maekawa Start-up and formation of low aspect ratio equilibriaby ECH in the LATE device DOWNLOAD [3255 kB]
Micozzi1.pdf [1935 kB] P. Micozzi Plasma formation in MAST by using the double null merging technique DOWNLOAD [1935 kB]
Micozzi2.pdf [1006 kB] P. Micozzi The Multi-Pinch Experiment as first step towards PROTO-SPHERA DOWNLOAD [1006 kB]
Mineev.pdf [196 kB] A. Mineev Simulation of disruption mitigation under massive gas injection in tokamak KTM DOWNLOAD [196 kB]
Nakamura.pdf [7956 kB] Y. Nakamura Numerical Simulation of Fully Non-Inductive Current Buildup and External Control of ITB Profile with "Slim Center Solenoid" DOWNLOAD [7956 kB]
Nishino.pdf [810 kB] N. Nishino Model of Filaments in Plasma DOWNLOAD [810 kB]
Peng.pdf [3037 kB] M. Peng NSTX Results and Plans toward 10-MA CTF DOWNLOAD [3037 kB]
Petrov.pdf [1388 kB] Yu. Petrov Latest Results from the Globus-M Spherical Tokamak DOWNLOAD [1388 kB]
Raman1.pdf [548 kB] R. Raman Fueling Requirements for Steady State Spherical Torus Operation DOWNLOAD [548 kB]
Raman2.pdf [1029 kB] R. Raman Solenoid-free Plasma Start-up in NSTX using Transient CHI DOWNLOAD [1029 kB]
Sato.pdf [3619 kB] K. Sato New Project of Long Term Sustained Spherical Tokamak in Kyushu University DOWNLOAD [3619 kB]
Shcherbinin.pdf [676 kB] O. Shcherbinin Numerical Modeling and Experimental Study of ICR Heating in the Spherical Tokamak Globus-M DOWNLOAD [676 kB]
Takase.ppt [9110 kB] Y. Takase Plasma Current Start-up Experiments without the Central Solenoid in TST-2 and Future Plans DOWNLOAD [9110 kB]
Timofeev.pdf [199 kB] N. Timofeev Spectroscopic Diagnostic Complex for Studying Pulsed Tokamak Plasma DOWNLOAD [199 kB]
Tolstyakov.pdf [857 kB] S. Tolstyakov Variable Repetition Rate Thomson Scattering System for the Globus-M Tokamak DOWNLOAD [857 kB]
Tournianski.pdf [5686 kB] M. Tournianski Overview of Recent Results and Plans on MAST DOWNLOAD [5686 kB]
Vasiliev.pdf [318 kB] V. Vasiliev Plasma Shape Reconstruction on-line Algorithm in Tokamaks DOWNLOAD [318 kB]
Wang.pdf [62 kB] Z. Wang Identification of Plasma Boundary and Position for HL-2A Tokamak and SUNIST DOWNLOAD [62 kB]
Zhabko.pdf [98 kB] A. Zhabko Mathematical Methods of Plasma Position, Current and Shape Stabilization in Modern Tokamak DOWNLOAD [98 kB]
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