Citizens of most foreign countries need visa to come to Russia. According to the Russian rules, to obtain visa one needs to submit an application to the Russian consulate along with an official invitation letter (VISA SUPPORT LETTER) issued by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by request of an inviting organization. To make a request for the invitation, we must submit to Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs the filled form with your personal data and the copy of the page(s) of your passport with your name, photo, date of birth, passport number and passport expiration date.

  1. The procedures of Russian Consulates may vary from country to country. Please check how long it takes for you to get the Russian Visa and what forms you need to fill. The fastest time to get the visa in the UK, for example, is 2 hours, but this will be expensive. Please check with the Russian Consulate in your country if they allow sending VISA SUPPORT LETTER by FAX. Otherwise we will send the original letter by mail upon you request.
  2. The procedure of issuing the VISA SUPPORT LETTER by the Organiser takes about 1 month. That means, that if you will supply the Organizers by the needed information this week, you will get the VISA SUPPORT LETTER by the end of August.
  3. Please, make sure that your travel insurance is valid in Russia.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions if something is unclear. Please do not delay sending us all documents to avoid paying high price for the express visa.

To obtain the VISA SUPPORT LETTER from us you need:
  1. To send the copy of passport pages mentioned above and passport pages of all accompanying persons to the Organizing Committee either by e-mail as attached scanned picture(s) in .pdf or jpeg format to (preferable), or by FAX to +7 (812) 4287189.
  2. To fill the invitation letter request and send it either by e-mail to, or by FAX to +7 (812) 4287189.
You can download printable version of the invitation letter request
in following formats:
invitation_letter_request.pdf [75 kB] Portable Document Format DOWNLOAD [75 kB]
invitation_letter_request.doc [28 kB] MSWord DOWNLOAD [28 kB] [5 kB] MSWord (ZIP-archive) DOWNLOAD [23 kB]
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