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Department of Higher Mathematics


[photo] KAMACHKIN Aleksandr M.
D.Sc., Professor
Room 250, tel. +7 (812) 428-42-44


The Department of High Mathematics (HM) was founded in1971, the first chaiman - prof. N.M. Matveev.

The Department is responsible for lectures and practical classes in the following mathematical disciplines: mathematical analysis, algebra, geometry (including differential geometry), algebra and geometry, functional analysis.

Kamachkin Aleksandr Mikhailovich
Main subjects of investigation: Theory of nonlinear automatic control systems; theory of nonlinear oscillations; qualitative methods of theory of the dynamic systems; applied mathematical analysis.
Baskov Oleg V.
Multicriteria decision making theory
Zhuk Vladimir Vasilyevich
Main subjects of investigation:
1) Fourier series
2) Approximation of functions and its applications
Maria Skopina
Main subjects of investigation: wavelets, Fourier analysis, approximation theory, wavelet methods for problems of real and p-adic mathematical physics.
Majid Abbasov
Nonsmooth analysis, nondifferentiable optimization.
Svirkina Larisa A.
Mathematical modeling of the diffraction of elastic waves, mathematical modeling of educational processes, distance learning.
Krivoshein Aleksandr V.
E-mail: krivosheinav@gmail.com
Wavelet theory, Frames, Approximation Theory.
Potapov Dmitriy K.
Non-linear functional analysis, Differential equations with discontinuous nonlinearities, Mathematical modeling, Mathematical economy
Yevstafyeva Victoria V.
Theory of non-linear oscillations, Non-linear automatic control systems, Relay nonlinearities, Time series, Econometric tools
Kalinina Elizaveta A.
Theory of control, stability, computer algebra, symbolic (analytical) methods, round-off errors


[photo] SKOPINA Maria A.
D.Sc., Professor
Room 252, tel. +7 (812) 4287159
E-mail: skopina@MS1167.spb.edu
[photo] ABBASOV Majid E.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
E-mail: abbasov.majid@gmail.com
[photo] BASKOV Oleg V.
Associate Professor
Room 249
E-mail: ov.japh@gmail.com
[photo] BOCHKAREV Anatolii O.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 319-2, tel. +7 428-71-79
E-mail: a.bochkarev@spbu.ru
[photo] GURYANOV Anatolii E.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 252
[photo] YEVSTAFYEVA Victoria V.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 249, tel. +7 (812) 428-42-44
E-mail: v.evstafieva@spbu.ru
[photo] KALININA Elizaveta A.
Ph.D., Associate Professor, department secretary
Room 347
E-mail: ekalinina06@mail.ru
[photo] KRIVOSHEIN Aleksandr V.
Associate Professor
E-mail: krivosheinav@gmail.com
KUPTSOV Sergey Yu.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
[photo] POTAPOV Dmitriy K.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 249, tel. +7 (812) 428-42-44
E-mail: d.potapov@spbu.ru
Senior Lecturer