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Department of Control Theory


[photo] ZHABKO Alexei P.
D.Sc., Professor
Room 216, tel. +7 (812) 428-48-68
E-mail: a.zhabko@spbu.ru


Department of control theory is the oldest department of our Faculty. Its history begins before the Faculty foundation. It was opened in 1967 on the base of Control Apparatus Laboratory of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics and was headed by Professor Vladimir I. Zubov,

Three main problems of control theory were under investigation initially: the problem of technical objects control, the problem of technological processes control, the problem of resources distribution. Now the area of investigations is essentially larger.


D.Sc., Professor
Room 223, tel. +7 +7 9119950800
E-mail: e.butyrsky@spbu.ru
[photo] KOTINA Elena D.
D.Sc., Professor
Room 224
E-mail: e.kotina@spbu.ru
[photo] NOGHIN Vladimir .
D.Sc., Professor
Room 223
E-mail: v.nogin@spbu.ru
FLEGONTOV Aleksandr V.
D.Sc., Professor
E-mail: a.flegontov@spbu.ru
[photo] ALEKSANDROVA Irina V.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 222
E-mail: i.v.aleksandrova@spbu.ru
[photo] EGOROV Alexey .
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 215
E-mail: alexey.egorov@spbu.ru
KUPTSOVA Svetlana E.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
E-mail: s.kuptsova@spbu.ru
[photo] TIKHOMIROV Oleg G.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 223
E-mail: o.tikhomirov@spbu.ru
[photo] CHASHNIKOV Mikhail V.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 222
E-mail: m.chashnikov@spbu.ru
[photo] CHIZHOVA Olga N.
Ph.D., Associate Professor, department secretary
Room 224, tel. +7 8-911-237-69-64
E-mail: o.chizhova@spbu.ru
[photo] YAKOVLEV Pavel V.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 223
E-mail: p.yakovlev@spbu.ru
ZARANIK Ul'yana P.
Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
E-mail: u.zaranik@spbu.ru
Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
Room 360, tel. +7 428-36-80
E-mail: m.strekopytova@spbu.ru
[photo] CHIRKOVA Anastasia V.
Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
E-mail: a.chirkova@spbu.ru