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Department of Mathematical Modelling of Energetic Systems


[photo] ZAKHAROV Victor V.
D.Sc., Professor
Room 408, tel. +7 (812) 428-41-19
E-mail: v.zaharov@spbu.ru


Department was founded in 1986.

Main direction of reseaches in department is large area of problems of mathematical modelling of energetic systems. Students study different approaches to analysis of technical, economical, ecological aspects of complex systems. They get experience in using modern mathematical methods and software for solving such problems. Among these problems there are problems of automatic control of ship energetic system, control in networks, environment protection, estimation of investments in energetics, etc.

Mathematical courses of department combines applicative and classical theoretical aspects and bases on control theory, theory of multi-criteria optimization, game theory, mathematical statistics, computer algebra. Special courses includes detailed consideration of modern software tools (Maple, Matlab, Statistica etc.)


[photo] KRYLATOV Alexander Yu.
D.Sc., Professor
Room 330
E-mail: aykrylatov@yandex.ru
[photo] BALYKINA Yulia E.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 406
E-mail: j.balykina@spbu.ru
[photo] VLASOVA Tatyana V.
Ph.D., Associate Professor, department secretary
Room 407, tel. +7 (812) 428-41-19
E-mail: t.vlasova@spbu.ru
[photo] VORONKOVA Eva B.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 407, tel. +7 78124287159
E-mail: e.voronkova@spbu.ru
[photo] LEZHNINA Elena A.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 406
E-mail: solka2000@yahoo.com
[photo] PETROSIAN Ovanes L.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 331
E-mail: petrosian.ovanes@yandex.ru
[photo] SVIRKIN Mikhail V.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 409
E-mail: smv01_01@mail.ru
[photo] VOLF Dmitrii A.
Room 331
[photo] RAEVSKAYA Anastasiya P.
Ph.D., Assistant
Room 330
E-mail: a.raevskaya@spbu.ru