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Department of Mathematical Modelling of Economical Systems


[photo] SMIRNOV Nikolay V.
D.Sc., Professor
Room 432, tel. +7 (812) 428-41-54
E-mail: nvs_v@mail.ru


Department of Mathematical Modelling of Economical Systems was founded in 1994 to train specialists in macro- and microeconomical dynamic processes analysis. Department involves specialists in control theory, modelling theory, design of experiments. They intensively participate in faculty pedagogical and scientific activities, publish papers and methodical materials. There is annual scientific conference of the department. One of the main features of diploma works, theses and publications of department is fundamental problem treating, based on traditions of Petersburg mathematical school.

Postgraduates and reseachers of department deal with mathematical subjects (nonlinear oscillations, stability theory for differential equations with time delay, parametric and non-parametric identification) and mathematical methods in economics (design of experiments in monitoring, dynamic models of inernational trading, dynamic models in macroeconomics, analysis of conflicts, etc.) Staff of department continually takes into consideration new applications of mathematical methods, for example, problem of optimal portfolio, analysis of economical cycles, etc. Students of department study modern economical ideas, and also classical works of S.Vitte, D.Mendeleev, P.Stolypin and other russian economists.


[photo] PRASOLOV Alexander V.
D.Sc., Professor
Room 433
E-mail: a.prasolov(?)spbu.ru
[photo] EKIMOV Alexander V.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 322, tel. +7 (812) 428-43-95
E-mail: a.ekimov@spbu.ru
[photo] KOVSHOV Aleksandr M.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 469(1), tel. +7 428-46-62
E-mail: petinv@ya.ru
[photo] TROFIMOVA Inna V.
Ph.D., Associate Professor, department secretary
Room 203?
E-mail: isolovyeva@mail.ru