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Department of space technologies and applied astrodynamics


[photo] UTESHEV Alexei Yu.
D.Sc., Professor
Room 347
E-mail: alexeiuteshev@gmail.com


One of the most ancient science the astronomy and young astronautics have approached to us space which once wrongly was considered extremely far from a life of mankind. Nowadays space is not as earlier object only contemplation and surprise it became the present scientific laboratory and even the industrial environment.

Department of space technologies and applied astrodynamics was founded on January, 24th, 2000 under idea by V.I. Zubov (1930-2000), a correspondent member of Russian Academy of Science and a founder of Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes.

Graduates of our faculty will possess both astronomical knowledge, and skill to apply mathematical and computer methods for the decision of various applied problems.

Presently the following lecture courses are read for our students: "Methods of applied mathematics in dynamics gravitating systems", "Theoretical bases of space technologies", "Astrodynamics" and others.

In course and degree works to students problems in application of methods of applied mathematics to modelling a structure and movement gravitating systems are offered, and also to construction of mathematical models of physical processes in space conditions. Students develop and apply the computing methods connected with these models, spend computing experiments, use computer to the schedule for visualization of investigated processes.


[photo] STEPENKO Nikolai A.
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Room 221, 350, tel. +7 (812) 428-44-60
E-mail: nick_st@mail.ru
[photo] DAVYDENKO Aleksandr A.
Senior Lecturer, department secretary
Room 346, tel. +7 79112105792
E-mail: alexandrdavydenko@yandex.ru
[photo] RASPOPOVA Natalia V.
Senior Lecturer
Room 350, tel. +7 (812) 428-44-60
E-mail: n.raspopova@spbu.ru