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Lepikhin Timur Andreevich


Ph.D., Associate Professor of Department of Computer Applications and Systems

Room 446, 212E
E-mail: LepikhinTA@gmail.com, t.lepihin@spbu.ru

Academic degree and appointments

1999 - 2004 Student at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes (specialist)

2004 - 2007 Post Graduate study

2007 - 2012 - Assistant Professor, Computer Systems and Applications Department

2011 - PhD Grade

2012 - pres - Associate Professor, Computer Systems and Applications Department 

2017 - pres - Chief Specialist, Directorate on Human Resources, SPbU

Areas of research

1. Robotics:

a) UAVs (quadrotor, Hexrotor)

b) Wheel-robotic

c) XPods (Octapod)

2. Mathematical and Computer Modeling for Dynamic Systems

3. Control Design

4. Data Acquisition and Data processing (Texts, Audio, Video, Image)

5. Data conversion 



2008 Germany, FANUC Robotics Deutschland. Programming for FANUC Robotics. IR Vision system. Modeling with ROBOGUIDE.

2014 Germany, Karlsruhe, KIT, Science Grants education.

2015 Germany, Potsdam, Deutsche-Russisches Forum, Young Leader Seminar.

Scientific publications

  1. A. Maslov, T. Lepikhin Comparative characteristics and selection of optimal filtering algorithm signal using LabVIEW software package // Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics (ICNAAM). AIP Publishing LLC, 2015.
  2. A. Maslov, T. Lepikhin Development of adaptive filtering algorithm for multi-frequency audiofile // "Stability and Control Processes" in Memory of V.I. Zubov (SCP), 2015 International Conference. IEEE, 2015. 573 - 575.
  3. D. Ivanov, T. Lepikhin Optimization of evolutionary constructed features for image recognition // "Stability and Control Processes" in Memory of V.I. Zubov (SCP), 2015 International Conference. IEEE, 2015. 564 - 566.
  4. D. Ivanov, T. Lepikhin On the Gabor-space geodesic active contours algorithm // "Stability and Control Processes" in Memory of V.I. Zubov (SCP), 2015 International Conference. IEEE, 2015. 567 - 569.
  5. Lepikhin T.A., Pogozhev S.V., Vedyakova A.O. Main features and comparison of mathematical and physical modeling in MATLAB for two-linked robotic // 2nd International Conference on Emission Electronics (ICEE). 2014.
  6. Lepikhin T.A. Physical Modeling with SimMechanics for Two-linked Robot // 2014 International Conference on Computer Technologies in Physical and Engineering Applications (ICCTPEA). 2014.
  7. Lepikhin T. A., Veremey E. I. Digital control laws for marine autopilots with integral action // ВЕСТНИК САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГСКОГО УНИВЕРСИТЕТА. СЕРИЯ 10: ПРИКЛАДНАЯ МАТЕМАТИКА, ИНФОРМАТИКА, ПРОЦЕССЫ УПРАВЛЕНИЯ. 2014. 4. 108-118.
  8. Waga K., Mariescu-istodor R., Tabarcea A., Makeev I.V., Lepikhin T.A., Franti P. Modeling user profile by analyzing user activity in location-based system // The XLIV annual international conference Control Processes and Stability (CPS'13). Abstracts. 2013. 23.
  9. Sotnikova M., Zhabko N., Lepikhin T. Control System Analysis and Design Labs with Educational Plants. // Proceedings of the 9th IFAC Symposium Advances in Control Education (ACE 2012). 2012.