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Latypov Viktor Nikolaevich

Ph.D., Associate Professor of Department of Mechanics of Controlled Motion

Room 239
E-mail: v.latypov@spbu.ru

Teaching responsibilities

Theoretical Mechanics

Dynamical Systems

Quantum Mechanics & Statistical Physics

Areas of research

  • Numerical methods for ODEs and Optimal Control
  • Legged Locomotion and Robotics
  • Postiron Emission Tomography
  • Parallel and GPGPU programming

Scientific publications

  1. Latypov V.N., Sokolov S.V. Taylor Series Method for Continuous Linear-Quadratic Regulators // 1st IFAC Conference on Modelling, Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems MICNON 2015 — Saint Petersburg, Russia, 24-26 June 2015. IFAC, 2015. Volume 48, Issue 11. 292–294.
  2. Latypov V.N., Sokolov S.V. Taylor Series Method for second-order polynomial ODEs // "Stability and Control Processes" in Memory of V.I. Zubov (SCP), 2015 International Conference. IEEE, 2015. 62-64.
  3. Kosarevsky S.V, Latypov V.N. Mastering Android NDK. Packt Publishing, 2015. 328.
  4. Kosarevsky S.V., Latypov V.N. Detection of Screw Threads in Computed Tomography 3D Density Fields // Measurement Science Review. 2013. 13, 6.
  5. Kosarevsky S.V, Latypov V.N. Practical Procedure for Position Tolerance Uncertainty Determination via Monte-Carlo Error Propagation // Measurement Science Review. 2012. 12, 2. 1-7.