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Alexander Bogdanov


D.Sc., Professor of Department of Fundamental Informatics and Distributed Systems

Room 229E, tel. +7 812 987 0125
E-mail: bogdanov@csa.ru

Academic degree and appointments


Engineer. Computer Centre of Leningrad State University


Junior Research Fellow at Scientific Research Institute for Mathematics and Mechanics at Leningrad State University.


Senior Research Fellow at Scientific Research Institute for Mathematics and Mechanics at Leningrad State University.


Leading Research Fellow at Scientific Research Institute for Mathematics and Mechanics at Leningrad State University.


Professor at Leningrad Polytechnical University.


Director at International Institute for Interphase Interaction of Russian Academy of Natural Science.


Director at Institute for High-Performance Computing and Databases of the Ministry of Science of Russian Federation.


 Director at Institute for .High-Performance Computing and Information Systems.


Professor of the Chair for Computer Modeling and Multiprocessor Systems

Teaching responsibilities

Prof. Alexander Bogdanov has over 40 years of lecturing experience at Mathematical-mechanical faculty of St-Petersburg State Technical University, Polytechnical University, Institute for Precise Mechanics and Optics. At present he's a visiting Professor at University of Amsterdam and Professor at Electrotechnical University. He gave his lectures at over 20 leading Universities all over the world.

Areas of research

Main activities of Prof. Bogdanov are related to mathematical methods in physics, computational methods and mathematical modeling. Lately he became concentrated on creation of data and knowledge bases for a number of applied fields and creation of algorithms for high-performance computing. At the same time, he's involved with computational cluster creation problems on various computer platforms, i.e. System integration problems.

The area at which Prof. Bogdanov obtained important scientific results is related domestic and international air-space programs. The main programs were "Vega-Galley Comet" and "Mars-94". Other major applied programs include database creation on physical-chemical gas dynamics technological laser optimization on  HF.

Prof. Bogdanov is an expert in designing, development and implementation of high-performance computation systems for solving complicated scientific, engineering, research and analytic problems. He was directly involved in a number of successful projects including creation of the first vector cluster in Europe (1994г.), first Power cluster in Europe (1995г), first Beowulf cluster in Eastern Europe (1996).

Under direct supervision by Prof. Bogdanov the first experiment on distributed calculation via Internet was carried-out with participation of  GMD, Germany and SARA (Netherlands). In 2003 the concept and technical solution architecture design was made by Prof. Bogdanov for creation of distributed supercomputer  center in Canada IT&CSC

Prof. Bogdanov has developed concepts and oversaw creation of complex informational computing and educational complexes within the frameworks of the Union State  Programme "Development and Implementation of the line of high-performance computing systems with parallel architecture (supercomputers) and creation of applied hardware-software complexes based on them", as well as "Development of the set of e-books on high-performance distributed computations technologies" program.

Over 200 scientific works were published.


Prof. Bogdanov is giving presentations at seminars and conferences. He's an organizing committee member of two leading international conferences on high-performance computing, member of editorial board of 2 publication houses and a member of  FGCS magazine editorial board.

Member of American mathematical society and International computer society, an Academic of European Academy (Euroscience) and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Board member of Society for computer modeling at  ACM, member of Space Federation of Russia.



Mathematics-Mechanics Faculty of Leningrad State University, Chair for Physical Mechanics


PhD work defence "Eiconal method in 3-bodies problem." (Leningrad State University)


Doctor of Science work defence “Collision and Relaxation Models in Real Gas Dynamics”

Scientific Conferences

  • The 14th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols, Helsinki, 26-30 August 1996
  • The 3-d Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry, Long Beach, California, 2-7 February 1997
  • High Performance Computing and Nerworking. International Comference and Exhibition Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 21-23, 1998
  • International Aerosol Conference on Physics of Atmospheric Aerosol. Moscow, April 12-17, 1999.
  • Computer Science and Information Technologies Conference 1999, Yerevan, Armenia, August 17-22.
  • High Performance Computing and Nerworking. International Comference and Exhibition Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May,2000
  • SGI User's Conference 11-14 October 2000, Krakow
  • Computational Science-ICCS 2001, International Conference San Francisco, CA, USA, May 2001,
  • Computational Science-ICCS 2002,International Conference Amsterdam, The Netherlands,April 2002
  • Computational Science-ICCS 2003,International Conference St.Petersburg, Russia, May 2003
  • Computational Science-ICCSA 2005,International Conference Singapoure,    May 2005
  •  International Conference on Advanced Information and Telemedicine Technologies for Health (AITTH'2005).  - Minsk, Belarus, 2005
  • Computational Science-ICCSA 2006,International Conference Glasgow,  May 2006
  • Computer science and information technologies, Erevan, September, 2009, 201.
  • Grid technologies for science and Education, Dubna, 2010, 2012.