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Babadzanjanz,Babadzhanyants,... Levon Konstantinovich


D.Sc., Professor of Department of Mechanics of Controlled Motion

Room 239, tel. (812) 4284166
E-mail: levon-lkb@yandex.ru

Scientific publications

  1. L. K. Babadzhanyants, A. V. Voitylov, V. V. Voitylov, and A. A. Trusov Analysis of Polydispersity of Macromolecular and Nanodisperse Systems by Electrooptical Methods // Polymer Science, Ser. C. 2010. Vol. 52, No. 1. 93 - 104.
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  4. Babadzanjanz L.K., P.Krebs, B.Ludewig, G.A.Bocharov, A.V.Voitylov On Primary Statistical Data Processing of Experimental Measurements of Lymphocytes using C57BL/6 Mouse Line // Сб. трудов конф. Устойчивость и процессы управления". СПб., 2005.
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  7. Babadzanjanz L.K. On the global solution of the N-body problem // Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy. 1993. 56. 427-449.
  8. Babadzanjanz L.K., Brumberg V.A. Influence of a hyperbolic flyby of a small mass on the orbital evolution of a massive binary // Celestial Mechanics. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1988. 41. 313-321.
  9. Babadzhanyants L.K. Error estimates for numerical integration of the N-body problem. American Institute of Physics (Sov.Astron.Lett.7(6) Nov.-dec.-1981), 1982. 416-418.
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