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Requirements for registration

The list of requirements and conditions to materials submitted for publication in the journal “Vestnik of St. Petersburg State University. Series 10.  Applied Mathematics. Computer Science. Control Processes 

1. Mandatory elements of the publication are:

• UDC index (see: http://teacode.com/online/udc/);

• The name and surname of the author (co-author);

• title of the article;

• Introduction (background information, with appropriate references and brief formulation of new results);

• The main part;

• Bibliographical references;

• Summary in Russian and English (with translation surname of author (co-authors) and the name of the article);

• Key words in Russian and English languages;

• Information about the author.

2. Requirements for registration of the manuscript.

Paper should be submitted in a LATEX2e format, encoding Windows CP1251,

\documentclass(amsart) or article and printed in two copies on A4 paper. Please use default font and line spacing (10pt, single). The string length - 14 cm, height - 20 cm, font color - black, numbering formulas - on the right side in brackets, all units are given in SI. Permission is granted to use italics, bold, italic, bold line. The author should avoid forced format text using commands \break, \newline, etc. It should be remembered that the commands \cal and \over are outdated, \mathcal and \frac should be used instead.

3. Tables should be prepared using standard environments table or longtable. Figures should be made in eps format and inserted into the paper by LATEX2e tools.

Furthermore, figures must be submitted to the editor as separate files. Tables and figures are numbered in Arabic numerals sequentially numbered. If the pattern (table) is alone, it is not numbered. It is allowed to include names of the tables and captions under the pictures.

Reference on the preceding table (figure) in the text is required.

4. References are listed at the end of the article and made out in the accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008. The numbering of references in the text given by Arabic numerals in square brackets it the order of their appearance in the text, including the introduction. When referring to translated paper it needs to put its original title and author's name into brackets.

5. Article should not exceed 10 pages, research briefs - 4 pages.

6. The presentation of the copyright material

6.1. Text of the article, printed on a printer in two copies. In case of email sending, it needs to include .ps or .pdf file of the article.

6.2. Paper text in electronic form in LATEX2e format. File name should be name of the author concatenated with “ Art” For example: “Smith Art.tex”.

6.3. Abstract and keywords in Russian and English (English translation is required), printed in one copy.