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The faculty is engaged in fundamental research. The results are regularly published in the leading national and international scientific journals, are reported on the international workshops, conferences and congresses. The list of scientific books published by the Faculty staff members exceeds 450 titles. Starting from 1969 more than 400 Ph. D. and about 100 Dr. Sci. dissertations were prepared and defended. Many different scientific enterprises are under way.

It is one of the characteristics of the Faculty that the spectrum of its interests extends from applications to physics, engineering, economy to biology, ecology, medicine and other branches of science.

The applications selected for study frequently have nonstandard features that, in turn, leads to creation of new mathematical methods and tools. The area of particular interest has always been the control theory with its various applications.

The research and teaching program is administered through the structure of departments and laboratories. A number of seminars support the research activities. It has become a tradition of the faculty to carry out regular weekly seminars in the Theory of Control, Game Theory, Numerical Analysis, Problems of the Deformable Solid Mechanics and others.

The educational process is based on the best traditions of St.Petersburg mathematical school, inspired by such well-known mathematicians as L.Euler, P.L.Chebyshev, A.M.Lyapunov, A.A.Markov and many others.


The curriculum includes the following general courses: There are also numerous special courses and seminars according to every scientific specialization of the Faculty.


The number of full-time students admitted every year is 150. Total number of full-time students at the faculty is 750. Their studies normally take 5 years which include 10 half-year semesters.

There are also 90 part-time students and 20 distance educated students; the duration of their studies is 6 years.

After the state examination in speciality and the diploma thesis defence final-year students of AM&CP Faculty get the St. Petersburg State University diploma in specialities

The graduate may continue his education for 3 years at the faculty post-graduate courses in the specialities

The post-graduate students carry out the research work, pass the exams and write the Ph. D. thesis. After the defence of the thesis the Ph. D. (Candidate of Science) degree is given by the special Council. The number of the post-graduate students at the faculty is 110.