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General information for students

Education under the Bachelor Degree Program at the faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes of Saint-Petersburg State University is carried out from the federal budget resources (budgetary places) and also under the contract basis.

Foreign students of the faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes live in the hostels of Petrodvortsovy education and research complex, on the territory of guarded and comfortable campus. There're net access and local network in rooms. Also there're a exelent opportunities for sports and different activities are regularly organized.

Most part of the classes is given in Peterhof University campus. Academic buildings are located within 5-10 minutes walking distance from the hostel. Education is carried out only on the full-time tuition.

Education at the faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes is carried out under the following Bachelor Degree Programs:

#code numbertype of bachelor's programprogramcourses duration
1. 010300 Fundamental informatics and IT Programming and IT 4 years**
2. 010400 Applied mathematics and informatics Applied mathematics, fundamental informatics and programming 4 years**
3. 010900 Applied mathematics and physics Applied mathematics, informatics and physics 4 years**

** On graduation from the Bachelor's program students can continue their education under the Master's program.

Professions of our graduates

The special thing about the faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes is that it's established for solving the problems of applied character. In present-day world applied problems, i.e. problems, that persons solve regularly, are with highest priority.

Speciality and field of activityAdvantages of graduates of the faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control ProcessesNecessary knowledge, getting at the faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control ProcessesNumber of the main field of study (see the chart with general information for students)
Programming Our graduates successfully work in IT-technologies not only in Russia, but also abroad.
Programmer Our students work in companies, whose activity is connected with programming. Programming languages: C++, C#, Java, special WEB-programming courses 1, 2, 3
IT-specialist system programmer, database programmer Understanding the fundamentals of programming and principles of mathematical modeling, also knowledge of basic principles of computer systems allows the graduates to qualify for such kind of work. Lecturers of the Department of Technology of Programming hold different special training courses. For example:
  • Standard Computer Software
  • Information systems and database
1, 2, 3
Programmer of computer security systems and data safety Knowledge of the main principles of network construction and ability to control it, also understanding the main algorithms of computational algebra and cryptography allows our graduates to create new software complexes for information security and transmitted data.
  • Architecture and Safety of Windows Networks
  • Information security
  • Encrypton and encoding
1, 2, 3
System analyst (in the sphere of IT) Ability to work with main programming languages and complex view on the possible ways of decision implementation of the task always help the graduate, working in this sphere. All knowledge listed above and Mathematical Game Theory basic course, special mathematical modeling of economical systems courses, some courses listed below 2 (1, 3)
Analytics Analytical work is the basis for making strategic decisions in any company. During education at our faculty, students acquire knowledge and skills necessary for analytical work (mathematical modeling, statistical data processing, basis of financial analysis etc.)
Financial analyst Graduate of the faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes, who wants to get this profession has extensive knowledge in the sphere of analysis, modeling and forecasting, also principles of micro- and macro- economy.
The graduate has the following skills:
  • Mathematical Analysis, Description and Modeling of economic problems;
  • Theoretical and practical finding solutions of the task;
  • Methods of Optimization.
Main subjects: Mathematical Game Theory, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, also special courses, such as:
  • Methods of Applied Mathematics in Economics
  • Mathematical Models in Economic Dynamics
  • Game Theoretic Models in Economy and Management
  • Mathematical Models of Competition and Cooperation
  • Mathematical Methods of making security portfolio
Analyst (in industries) Mathematical Modeling of different processes gives an absolute sense of the problem in general. Knowledge of different approaches allows getting unconventional solutions of the task. Mathematical Game Theory, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics courses, also:
  • Mathematical Logic and Theory of Algorithms
  • Optimal Choice in Multi-Criteria Environment
And special courses listed above
Logistics specialist Knowledge of the principles of optimization of different systems (from financial to social). Understanding the problems of optimization and system internal contradictions. Ability to formalize the task mathematically. All these skills allow the graduates to work in the field of complex systems control, especially in logistics. General course on «Mathematical Programming» and «Game Theory and Operations Research», courses listed above. 2