beam dynamics & optimization  

The series of the BDO Workshops is supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research


Saint-Petersburg State University:

- V.I.Zubov Institute of Computational Mathematics & Control Processes

- Faculty of Applied Mathematics & Control Processes

D.V.Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus (Saint-Petersburg)

Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (Dubna)

Saratov State University named after N.G.Chernyshevcki:

- Faculty of Physics, Department of Electrical & Radio Engineering,
- Nuclear Physics & Accelerators Laboratory

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia


chairman - D.A.Ovsyannikov (Russia),

co-chairman -  S.N.Andrianov(Russia),

Yu.A.Budanov, N.S.Edamenko, E.D.Kotina, A.B.Kurzhanskii, V.V.Petrenko, V.P.Stepanchuk, V.A.Teplyakov, M.F.Vorogushin, E.P.Zhidkov, I.P.Yudin (Russia), Y.Yamazaki (Japan), A. Alisherov (Kyrghistan), H.Mais (Germany), A.N.Dovbnya, F.P.Garashenko (Ukraine), M.Berz, G.Gillespie, R.Jameson (USA)



chairman - D.A.Ovsyannikov (Russia),

S.N.Andrianov, V.A.Belyakov, B.I. Bondarev, V.P.Gorbaachev,   N.V. Egorov, S.I.Molokovsky, O.I. Nikonov, Yu.A.Svistunov, E.I.Veremey, I.P.Yudin, A.P.Zhabko, A.V.Zherebtsov (Russia)



Traditionally the objective of the Workshop is to bring together mathematicians, physicists and engineers to present and discuss recent developments in the area of mathematical control methods, modeling and optimization and theory and design of charged particle beams and plasma, parallel and distributed computing in accelerator physics.

The Workshops are started started in 1994.

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SESSIONS 1. Beam Dynamics
2. Optimal Control Theory and Methods of Optimization
3. Mathematical Modeling of Electromagnetic Fields
4. Charged Particle Beam Generation
5. Plasma Control and Optimization
6. Applications of Accelerators
7. Code Development 

Usually one time in two years the Workshops are  held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, after                                                 

The meetings arel take place in Main Building of the Saint-Petersburg University one of the masterpieces of Russian art, located at the historical center of the city.


A social program for participants and accompanying persons is planned.


The Workshop Languages are English and Russian

(with mutual translation).